Rest & Reset,
An Overnight Success

Revitalize your gut health overnight with Reset, and wake up to a fresh start with a holistic solution for achieving a slimmer and healthier you.

Cleanse Your Body, Transform Your Life

When you feel good in your body, it transfers to all areas of your life. Reset PM combines the power of natural ingredients, scientific research, and a woman-centric approach to provide a holistic solution for achieving a slimmer and healthier you.

Experience RESET in 3 Ways

Gut Reset

Clean out your digestive system, leaving you with nothing but room for more potential and healthier habits.

Improved Sleep

Better sleep improves energy levels, mood, confidence, motivation, and your immune system.

Reduce Bloating

With the added help of peppermint, Reset helps relieve bloating—leaving you lighter and more energized.

Renew your body,
Restore your balance

We believe in approaching weight loss from the ground floor, with a healthy gut. That’s why we formulated Reset PM, a simple and effective means of resetting your gut biome overnight. With high-quality natural ingredients, Reset PM is the first step in your journey toward a healthy and hopeful new you. Start fresh today and embark on a transformative journey towards a fitter, more vibrant you.

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Rest & Reset Naturally

Other Ingredients: Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose, Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate

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Magnesium oxide, a vital compound for overall gut health, plays a multifaceted role:

Promoting Bowel Regularity: Acting as a gentle laxative, magnesium oxide supports regular bowel movements by drawing water into the intestines, aiding in relieving constipation.

Assisting in Detoxification: The oxygenated magnesium in magnesium oxide facilitates the removal of toxins and waste from the colon, supporting the body’s natural detox process.

Balancing Gut pH: Magnesium oxide helps balance the pH levels in the gut. This creates an environment conducive to healthy bacteria growth, crucial for overall gut health.


Potassium citrate, a salt formed by combining citric acid and potassium, is a widely utilized supplement known for its various health benefits.

Acid-Base Balance: Potassium Citrate neutralizes excess acids, fostering a balanced pH environment crucial for promoting beneficial in maintaining a healthier gut flora.

Kidney Stone Prevention: Potassium citrate helps elevate urine pH and citrate levels and hinders mineral crystallization. Maintaining kidney health indirectly supports overall well-being, influencing gut function positively.

Promoting Regular Digestion: As a gentle laxative, potassium citrate facilitates improved bowel movements. It attracts water into the intestines, softening stool and promoting regularity.

Peppermint Powder (Leaf)

Peppermint powder is often used as a natural remedy to address digestive issues:

Digestive Support: It alleviates symptoms like indigestion, bloating, and gas, promoting overall better digestion.

Antimicrobial Benefits: Peppermint’s compounds combat harmful bacteria in the gut, contributing to digestive health.

Muscle Relaxation: The menthol in peppermint helps relax digestive tract muscles, relieving spasms and discomfort, particularly beneficial for individuals with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

100% Vegan

Gluten Free

Cruelty Free

Paraben Free

Need a full body RESET?

This is the ULTIMATE DETOX program! This 6 Day Detox will focus on eating anti inflammatory foods that will also help support digestion (This is the proper way to RESET)! We will focus on eliminating hard to digest foods to improve bloating, gut health, and overall wellbeing! Get ready to lose weight and feel your absolute best!

Hello, I’m Paulina

A California based Online Coach, Celebrity Personal Trainer, Certified Nutritionist, Wife, and Mom! It’s my passion to help other women reach their goals by using my creative training techniques and extensive nutritional knowledge. I have not only changed my own personal life through fitness, but also the lives of countless others. My philosophy aims to allow you to reach your health and fitness goals while also maintaining your social life and sense of spontaneity. My goal is help create lifelong results through living a balanced lifestyle.

Our Happy Customers

My trip to Cabo was right around the corner and I was so worried about being bloated for my trip!! Not to mention I was a week away from my cycle (when I usually get the most bloated) Paulina saved the day and recommended her product to help. I started taking the pills before and during my trip and was absolutely shocked I had no bloat, no digestive issues and felt amazing. I now got my husband started on them and is doing amazing things for him, helping tremendously with his pre existing digestive issues. Will forever be buying and taking this product!!

Heather Rae El Moussa

Reset by Paulina Fitness has been such a game changer for my digestive health! If you struggle with bloating and/or not being regular, this is a must to add to your supplements. It is super effective while still being gentle enough for a sensitive stomach. I can’t recommend it enough!

Amanda Stanton

Wake Up to
Weight Loss

Almost everyone struggles with their weight at some point and there is hope for finding a balanced lifestyle, all it takes is a few adjustments in the right places—and a little reset.